"You will walk away with a new perspective and tools you can put to use in your workplace immediately. And I promise you will never look at icebergs the same way again!"
-Annick Pruett, IOM, Executive Director, Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce

"After attending each session, I felt positive, focused, energized and consequently more productive.
I am grateful both to her and my boss who encourage me to attend her sessions."

- Souri Jahanmir, Director of Finance, Council of Insurance Agents&Brokers

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has been proven to increase goal attainment, enhance resilience and workplace well-being and reduce depression and stress, according to a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology (2009). An executive coaching partnership inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential. As a coach, I bring an inherent belief in my client as the expert in his or her life with the capacity to become his or her best self.

Executive coaching can help if you:

  • feel isolated, with no one in your immediate environment in whom you can confide
  • wish you had an expert to talk with – someone with no agenda but yours – an objective listener who understands the challenges you face and brings a neutral perspective
  • need new skills to succeed in a new role
  • seek fresh ways to attack old problems
  • feel frustrated when your best efforts haven’t produced your desired results
  • experience increased pressure to perform leading to a sense of burnout
  • want to reclaim joy through better work-life balance

Having been a manager, a corporate executive, a therapist and a trained coach, I understand both business and personal psychology. I bring business acumen, experience in counseling and leadership development, coaching skills and personal attributes of caring, integrity and a genuine commitment to others’ success. My collaborative approach supports my clients to achieve their goals in four ways: 1) evaluating strengths and areas for improvement, 2) increasing focus on your goals, 3) providing accountability, and 4) taking actions to enhance your personal and professional life.

With executive coaching you can:

  • feel calm and in control instead of anxious and worried
  • improve working relationships with direct reports, managers, clients, members, volunteer leaders
  • market yourself better for increased credibility and/or career change
  • remove obstacles to success and thereby more effectively achieve your goals
    work smarter, not harder
  • go from "good to great" in your career
  • experience greater self-confidence
  • balance work/life commitments
  • increase productivity

To learn more about how, together, we can harness your strengths for maximum performance and solid organization growth, call (240) 401-3440 or email me at sheila@birnbachsuccesssolutions.com for your free 30-minute consultation.