"You will walk away with a new perspective and tools you can put to use in your workplace immediately. And I promise you will never look at icebergs the same way again!"
-Annick Pruett, IOM, Executive Director, Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce

"After attending each session, I felt positive, focused, energized and consequently more productive.
I am grateful both to her and my boss who encourage me to attend her sessions."

- Souri Jahanmir, Director of Finance, Council of Insurance Agents&Brokers


We design and conduct workshops, seminars and retreats to help adults increase their personal and organizational effectiveness. We provide "how to's" and practical applications rather than theories. Participants are motivated to achieve sustainable results – not just to passively process information. Our goal is to create an environment whereby people change their behavior patterns, implement new skills and develop new attitudes to enhance their personal and professional lives. To do this, we engage people in their own learning through experiential, action-oriented techniques.

Programs are tailored to fit the unique requirements of each organization. Each workshop, or seminar is developed only after learning from you the objectives you hope to achieve.

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- Individual Skills Development
- Management/Leadership Development